Issue 26: Fall 2023

Featured Artists: clockwise from top left: Clark Lunberry, Melissa Jordan Willis, Nathan Holic, Larena Nellies-Ortiz, and Serse Luigetti (including the background image).

George Kalamaras with his beagle, Bootsie
Photo credit: by Jim Whitcraft

Featured Poet: George Kalamaras

The Madness of Michael Mitsakis

On the Origin of God: Tales from the Village of Solaki

Welcome to Issue 26: Fall 2023

Special Feature: Uncategorized, Artists Outside of Medium

Brent Aldrich

Bryn Jackson

Balloon Head

Featured Artist: Nathan Holic

Mary Biddinger

Everyone Knows Beauty Is Its Own Blank Slate

Everyone Hopes Death Will Be Nothing Like A Drawbridge

Lauren K. Carlson

A Small Thing

Alex Carrigan


Willow James Claire

Yelp! Review for God

Featured Artist: Melissa Jordan Willis

A. M. Goodhart

St. Agatha


Jose Hernandez Diaz

Sunday Afternoon in the City, Post Break-Up

Aiden Heung

I was Told about the Loop around His Neck

Jared Joseph

Ye Rustic Inn, December 23, 2022

Ye Rustic Inn, December 24, 2022

Featured Artist: Serse Luigetti

Lisa Low

On First Kissing My First Husband

Dorothy Lune

The Van Gogh experience

Sydney Mayes

seventh day

Jennifer Makowsky

The Lost Art of the Crank Call

Featured Artist: Clark Lunberry

Ayoade Olamide

Burn II

Claudia Owusu

In My Mother’s Kitchen

fish bone

Remi Recchia

The Twinkie

Hannah Schoettmer

Elegy: Agreement: The Sublease I Burned Down

The Space Between

Featured Artist: Larena Nellies-Ortiz

Shin Watanabe

Three Seashells in Morse Code

Hiromi Yoshida

Bachelor Party

Martha Zweig

Career Suicide