Issue 9: Summer 2019

Welcome to Issue 9!

Our Editor In Chief gives her thoughts on The Indianapolis Review turning 2 years old!

Featured Poet: Tatjana Rebelle talks to The Indianapolis Review about their chapbook, which uses their real life harassment by white supremacists to create a piece of art that is a call to action for all, but white moderates especially. Rebelle also discusses their long running open mic, the often overlooked talent in Indianapolis, the art of self care, and more.

Map of the Wound
by-Rodney Gomez
digital image, 7.5″ x 10.5″

Featured Artist: Rodney Gomez

Clary Ahn Goldish

Manahil Bandukwala What we have in common is that we aren’t the main characters of our story, or Princess Jasmine and Esmeralda meet for tea

Justin Bigos 7/4/18

Callista Buchen Apparition


Katherine Fallon The Detour

After the Rain
By- Greg Headley

Featured Artist: Greg Headley

Alexander P. Garza Seraphim Argue Too

Adam Gianforcaro I Am Thinking About Stopping My Antidepressants

Jen Karetnick Self Help Q-and-A at Zoo da Maia

KB I Keep My Ex’s Nudes in A Locket

Versatility 4
By-Sheila Murphy

Featured Artist: Sheila Murphy

Imran Khan Is it Lucky to be Loved or Just Awkward?

Shannon Kuta Kelly NOW

Conjugation of KOCHAL (to love) in the present tense

Eric A. Loya Morning Prayer

Autumn McClintock The Deer and The Maple

Hidden Beach | Oil on canvas | 36”x36”
By-Jeannette Pomeroy Parssi

Featured Artist: Jeannette Pomeroy Parssi

Matthew Mitchell dinner with a pornstar

Brian D. Morrison A ROCK IN THE BELLY

Katie Pukash When I Look in the Mirror, I See So Much

Jeremy Radin Only

Lotus Flower with Bee
By-Caroline Solmer

Featured Artist: Caroline Solmer

Phoebe Reeves The Body as Quantum Entanglement

Kelly R. Samuels A Room Large Enough for

Soon Wiley Flowers