Issue 15: Winter 2021

Welcome to Winter 2021 from our EIC: My Workspace: A Photo Essay: our Editor In Chief, Natalie Solmer shares plants, paintings, and winter thoughts in this photo essay & welcome note for the issue.

Featured Poet: Douglas Manuel talks to The Indianapolis Review about humor, revision, audience, Anderson, Indiana as a character in his book Testify, writing about race and much more. He also contributes two new poems:

Weak at the Knees

Cosmic Slop

tired, are you tired too

Featured Artist: Wasima Farah

Cynthia Atkins Diminution, 11am

David Dodd Lee The Geese

Sherine Gilmour Doubling Down

Phil Goldstein How I Want to Hold My Younger Self

The Panic of Sparks

Featured Artist: Bill Wolak

Cameron Gorman baby baby

Patrick Holian Cameron’s holidays with rams

Marlin M. Jenkins A Glass of Milk

Jay Kophy A Poem Where Every Question is a Parable

Safe: Unsafe (Deceptions)

Featured Artist: K. Johnson Bowles

Susanna Lang Long Marriage

Krysta Lee Frost No Good Man Wants to Hurt Me

Fatima Malik First Comes Friendship

Rage Spiral

DT McCrea How my father did not say goodbye


Featured Artist: Robin Frost-Bess

Roseline Mgbodichinma The Clock Is A Jealous Wand

Steve Myers Pantheon

Salawu Ọlájídé Five Decades after Wẹ-tiẹ

A. Prevett Every Bird is an Amazon Drone

Flower Head

Featured Artist: Catherine-Esther Cowie

Sean Selbach

found another volcano in the dirt

another note taped to my mirror

Seretha D. Williams Requiem for Lee, a Boyfriend

Felicia Williams I Wish I Could. . .


A Fight Amongst Houseplants

Naoko Fujimoto reflects on Minami Kobayashi’s paintings

Amanda Auchter reviews Julie E. Bloemeke’s debut collection, Slide To Unlock