Issue 25: Summer 2023

Featured artists: clockwise from top left: Jenn Powers, Amy Marques, Stephen Nelson, Bill Wolak, and Daniel Lehan.

Featured Writer: Douglas Manuel

Welcome to Issue 25: Summer 2023

Introductory Statement by Art Editor Nasreen Khan

Create by Ben Rose

Special Feature: Indiana Photographers, Coming Home: Ted Somerville

Special Feature: Indiana Photographers, Coming Home: Ben Rose

The First Whisper of Delirium

Featured Artist: Bill Wolak

Jane Zwart

On waking, I am sure

Yalda Al-Ani

The Foil

Nowhere Home

Christine Barkley

Aesthetics, Spoiled

E.J. Batiste

Old School

Midnight Walk

Featured Artist: Jenn Powers

Elizabeth Cranford Garcia

Blue Wildebeest

Armando Flores Montenegro

Jazz Drums

Elizabeth Galoozis

In the Rothko Chapel

Evelyn Gill

Defender of Marigolds

Featured Artist: Stephen Nelson

Shannon Hardwick

the charmed target is incapacitated unaware of its surroundings, though it can still hear you

Steve Henn


Prosper  C. Ìféányí

On Loss

Mickie Kennedy

Important Things

Randy Meets My Mom

Nowhere to Speak Of

Featured Artist: Amy Marques

Monica Kim



Michael Lauchlan

The Rate

Abby Manzella

The Road Ahead

Sam Moe

If you knew

“I Hate” Tuesday 16 January 1968

Featured Artist: Daniel Lehan

David Moolten

The Ice Age

File On Paul Robeson Released Under The Freedom of Information Act

Frank Paino

Evening Wind

Phoebe Rodriguez