Issue 8: Spring 2019

Welcome to Issue 8: Spring 2019! Click here to read our Editor’s thoughts on the epic amount of rain Indianapolis has been getting and the guilt that comes with not writing during NaPoMo.

No. 39 By-Peter Bethanis

Featured Artist: Peter Bethanis

July Westhale Dear John Cheever

Sam Herschel Wein For the Glitter

Be a professional bitch

Savannah Slone dismantle my oddities

Spaceflight Sonata P By-Naoko Fujimoto

Featured Artist: Naoko Fujimoto

Maureen Sherbondy Frozen Clock

Wesley Sexton After Eating Pizza I found in A Public Place

Leslie Contreras Schwartz MY MOTHER THE SEAMSTRESS

Anum Sattar thai balsam

used tampon

About last night By-Minami Kobayashi

Featured Artist: Minami Kobayashi

Gabriel Rubi Running Backward

Benjamin Niespodziany Yellow Applause

V. C. McCabe Judgement



Merigomish Sunrise Trail By-Keith Moul

Featured Artist: Keith Moul

Eddie Krzeminski Quitting

Dillon Thomas Jones

burned letter to birth mother: tell my father if you see him

burned letter to birth mother: bedtime storytime 2

Carly Inghram What sort of animal are you

Kathleen Hellen Black Cat, Oyster Bar

Kegs and Eggs By-Ben Pinder

Featured Artist: Ben Pinder

Kelle Groom Rape Kit

Salem, May

Kasey Clark Psalm as David and My Twin Harvest

Serafina Rogers Foundation

Nic Alea Dead Name