The Indianapolis Review, established in 2017, is an online quarterly publication featuring poetry, art, and visual poetry. We work to promote artists and writers from our region, but we also showcase work from around the country and the world. We don’t limit ourselves to one particular school or style of poetry or art; we simply want art and poetry that surprises, sings, and makes us think.

We believe that poetry and art often (not always) save us from desolation, misunderstanding, and thinking we are alone in our suffering . We believe that creating and sharing creativity is a gift and service to one’s community and can shift the way we experience our realities. We¬†believe in always keeping submissions free. However, we do not pay our writers and artists, as we are all volunteer-run staff and are not connected to any institution or company.

We nominate our writers for both Pushcart Prizes and Best of Net. We had our first Pushcart Prize winner in 2019! We work to promote our journal and our contributors across IG, Twitter and Facebook.