Issue 16: Spring 2021

Welcome to Spring 2021: A note from our Editor In Chief about our 4 year anniversary! Plus, an upcoming “Poets Are Funny” issue, and the wide range of subjects you will find poems about in this issue.

Featured Poet: Alessandra Lynch discusses her new book, Pretty Tripwire, which just came out with Alice James Books. Lynch goes into detail about her writing process for the book, her use of Roethke epigraphs, the importance of nature in her work, her garden, the physicality of writing, and she gifts us with a comprehensive list of must see places in and around Indianapolis!

Magnolias in the wind

Featured Artist: Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad

Sophia Zhao Climb to Ancestral Tomb in Jiangxi Province

Andrew Villegas I Forgot How To Pronounce My Last Name

Carolyn Supinka Fake Snake

Soraya Qahwaji To A Pick-Up Artist


Featured Artist: Prachi Valechha

Vincent James Perrone After the Wedding

Emma Moser on teenage dreams

Stephen Massimilla Spring Blues

Ben Kline

Evil B

Free Coffee

Ceres on Hiatus 2

Featured Artist: Alyssa Chase

Cynthia Hibbler It happens when alone

Jacob Griffin Hall Event Horizon

Carrie George Self Portrait with what I’ve found on the forest floor

Callan Foster


Self-portrait as the very hungry caterpillar

Headwaters of Atlantis

Featured Artist: Nick Rattner

Leanne Dunic


A Blaze

Margot Douaihy

Storm Warning, A Tautology


Marisa P. Clark The Bradford and I

Michael Chang requiem for toothy tile & grey goose

from– COVID Prayer

Featured Artist: Jenna Le

Steve Castro Burial-ground

Subhaga Crystal Bacon

Sara Blackwood, 39, Indianapolis, IN, October 11: National Coming Out Day

Anthony Aguero

I Don’t Know About Much