Issue 23: Winter 2023

Winter 2023 Featured Artists clockwise from top left: Bella LaMontagne, Larena Nellies-Ortiz, Gabriela Denise Frank, William C. Crawford, and Jacob Anthony Moniz

Featured Writer: JL Kato

Festival of Dolls

Circe on Campus

Excerpts from the “Bone Pile”

Welcome to Issue 23: Winter 2023

What We Missed in Transit

Featured Artist: Larena Nellies-Ortiz

Bunkong Tuon

The Rescue

How the World Ends

Elizabeth Kate Switaj

Bird / Rose / Moon

Christopher Shipman

Inside My Grandfather’s Death Something Like 1000 Horses

Esteban Rodríguez


Les répliques

Featured Artist: Jacob Anthony Moniz

David Richards

How to Love a Tomato

Aaron Nell


Dan Murphy

An Clar Nuachta Deireanach

Haro Lee

Confession in Neon Lights

Boy on the beach

Featured Artist: Bella LaMontagne

Diane LeBlanc

Before Words

Max Lasky

For Sale

Tylyn K. Johnson

Imperfect Steps–Here, Now

Nazifa Islam

I Have a Vision for My Poems

How Do I look Darling?

Featured Artist: Gabriela Denise Frank

Max Heinegg


Jacob Griffin Hall

What’s Left to Call Tradition

Cal Freeman

Stafford Essentials Corduroy Jacket as a Non-Fungible Token

Ariel Francisco

Staying Up Till Midnight To See If The Direct Deposit Hits

Two Opposing Omens on I-10

Golden Stallion. Study Butte, Texas

Featured Artist: William C. Crawford

Robert Fanning

Evening at Hidden Beach

Lester Batiste

Black Antiques Part I

Mary Ardery

Nantahala Wildlife

Lead Guide