Issue 10: Fall 2019: The Indianapolis Issue

Featured Local Artists (from left to right, top to bottom): Heak Pheary, R.A. Buys, J. Chin, Chase Cannon, Mary Ardery, Hector René Del Campo, Moumita Mukherjee, Matt Hurdle, Gerburg Garmann, Mary Ardery, Kat Silver, J. Chin

From the Editor: My Indianapolis: A Photo Essay Our Editor-In-Chief, Natalie Solmer, introduces this epic Indianapolis issue and shares a photo essay of her Speedway neighborhood.

Featured Poet: Karen Kovacik talks to The Indianapolis Review about falling in love with poetry and translation, her Polish heritage and the current state of Polish poetry, as well as the best spot in Indianapolis for kayaking during the full moon. She also shares three new poems below:

Anatomy of a Dress For Zbigniew Herbert

Next Birthday Ode

Featured Artist: Mary Ardery

Michael Begnal Palindrome: A Torpor / A Torrent

Peter Bethanis In Praise of The Professionals

David Blomenberg Julia

Nicole Brooks The Third Man

A Fox is a Wolf that Sends Flowers – Ruth Brown
25.5″ x 27″
Oil, Acrylic, Marking Pens on Wood

Featured Artist: R. A. Buys

Malachi Carter Downtown, Anywhere

Every time I see these signs

Nancy Chen Long I: Mothra 2: Mirror, Mirror

Dulce Domum

Curtis Crisler The Last Poem of the World

Killer Bs

Chris Forhan To a Goldfinch in April

Man in Garden

Childish Things

Weeping Willow
24″ x 20″
latex & enamel paints on canvas

Featured Artist: Hector René Del Campo

Featured Poet: Alyssa Gaines: 2019 Youth Poet Laureate of Indianapolis

Tongue-Tied love letter to the east side #BlackLivesMatter

Madison Gonzalez The Pit

Steve Henn Loss, or One for Josh Wildman

The Ascension Wondering

Cynthia Hibbler Living in the Middle

Featured Artist: Chase Cannon

Allyson Horton feeling miscellaneous

Sticks & Stones

Lucas Jacob In Case of Fire, Break

Abby Johnson Examination in Monument Circle

Jeana Jorgensen Numbering

Featured Artist: J. Chin

George Kalamaras

Driving All Night from Here to There, Which Is Reallly Here to Here, Listening to Talk Radio

JL Kato The Cutting Room

Nasreen Khan Looking for a decent taco,

Elizabeth Krajeck Fractures

The Red Hat
16″ x 20″ ; Acrylic and Charcoal

Featured Artist: Gerburg Garmann

Norbert Krapf Indianapolis Elegy

John Leo Eight Lies

Nate Logan Palm Beach State College Stairwell is How I Heard this Song

The Home Stretch

Alessandra Lynch At the Bar IRIS

Private Universe          
Acrylic on canvas          36″ x 36″

Featured Artist: Matt Hurdle

Ashley Mack-Jackson Tootsie’s Cabaret Olivia/Pauline

Chantel Massey

After Toni Morrsion’s quote from Beloved, “Anything Coming Back To Life Hurts” (A Poem to my Younger Self)

Meg Matthias reenactment

Dheepa Maturi Iphigenia

Woman at the Window 
acrylic on 24″ x 18″ canvas panel

Featured Artist: Moumita Mukherjee

Bonnie Maurer Betty in the Garden Talks to God

Norman Minnick Apple Fest

Robert Okaji My Mother’s Ghost Scrubs the Floor at 2:00 am

Omowalé-Kétu Oladuwa poetic moment

there is a way uv things

Flag 3 (2018)

Featured Artist: Heak Pheary

Danielle Perez art school pervasiveness

world war & a plush

Brianna Pike I Am Thinking About Love

Abby Radcliffe Haunted Places Things Grow Up and Out

Dana Roeser All Flakes Are Not Equal Tablecloth, Turn Outside In

Undelivered Promises
oils on wood 11″ by 14″

Featured Artist: Kat Silver

Rachel Sahaidachny It Cannot Be Called Ambition

Elysia Lucinda Smith Open To It People I Have Slept With

Manon Voice To all survivors

Damaris H. Zehner A Californian Visits Indianapolis

Indiana Writers Center is located at the Circle City Industrial Complex; Painting by Kelcey Parker Ervick

Featured Organization: Indiana Writers Center

Featured Organization: Word As Bond