SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN! (until Dec. 1st)

We accept submissions of poetry, art and visual poetry via our email– theindianapolisreview at gmail dot com

Submit up to 5 poems


Submit up to 10 jpgs of art, photography, or visual poetry

Title of Email–When submitting, please put your name and the type of submission (poetry, art, or visual poetry) in the title of your email.

We do NOT accept poems that have been previously published in other journals; however, we DO consider poems that you have posted on your personal social media.

Art & Visual Poetry Guidelines–Previously published artwork is fine.

Poetry Guidelines–We prefer your submission is under 10 pages. You can send your poems either by attached document or pasted into email, either way is fine.

Third Person Bio & Other Info–Artists and writers both should include a third person bio, along with any links to personal websites (optional), and an author photo (optional). Artists may also send artist statements as well as dimensions and materials of works, in addition to titles of works (these 3 things are optional). Send all of this to If your poetry is accepted for publication, you also have the option to send us a recording of yourself reading the work(s).

Submissions are FREE. However, because of this, we are not a paying market at this time. Also note that we are an online only publication. We do not have print versions of our journal.

Simultaneous submissionsare allowed. If you have an acceptance from your packet, you are NOT required to email us with a withdrawal. However, if your whole packet is accepted elsewhere, please let us know in that case.

Ethics–We welcome writers of all backgrounds, and we actively strive to represent a diverse array of voices. We do not tolerate racism, discrimination, hate-speech, bullying or harassment of any kind. We will not accept works that exhibit or promote these qualities.

Please note that we are NOT interested in publishing AI generated art or writing. We expect that your work is your own. Although we do understand that in the case of something like collage or a cento, you are reassembling the work of others, and this should be noted in the submission.

Local, Regional, Global–As stated, we work to promote local artists and writers, but we also want to showcase work from around the country and the world. Writers and artists of all geographic locations are encouraged to submit. If you are from or currently residing in the surrounding region, please do let us know.

Temporal MattersPlease allow up to 4 months for a response. If you have not heard from us regarding your submission in four months, feel free to reach out.

Support— We appreciate any funds given to us (we have a Paypal link at the bottom of the page and on the Support tab), but it will not affect any decision made on your work. We are a volunteer organization, but we do have some administrative costs, such as our web platform. We believe in keeping our submissions free, so that the artists aren’t burdened with the cost. 

Thank you for your interest in us, and for trusting us with your work! We look forward to reading your submissions.


Sept 1 – Dec 1

Photo by–M. P. Pratheesh