Issue 24: Spring 2023

Featured Artists: clockwise from top left: Parisa Karami, Yuko Kyutoku, Andrew Brenza, Ellen Kombiyil, and Alyssa Chase

photo credit: Cliff Canon

Featured Writer: Chantel Massey


Welcome to Issue 24: Spring 2023

How We Gather Ghost-like the Real Wake of Our Intentions, No. 101

Featured Artist: Andrew Brenza

Ayelet Amittay


Subhaga Crystal Bacon

Naming and Claiming

Nancy Botkin

It’s Clear to Me Now

Kyle Craig

The Voice

She Is Gone

Featured Artist: Alyssa Chase

Cid Galicia

Green Sestina

Rodney Gomez

Tableau With Self-Dealing, Affordability Index, and Endless Construction

Tableau With Persona Non Grata, Dissociative Fugue, and White Savior Complex

Katherine Hoerth

Why I Never Mow My Lawn

The Harpies of La Plaza Mall, Circa 2000

Five Stages of Grief at the Met

Featured Artist: Parisa Karami

George Kalamaras

Two Bones

Suphil Lee Park

In Response to Me-Ahm’s Poem

Olga Livshin

Please, a Different Ukraine

A Sonnet for the Invader

Oksana Maksymchuk

Crimea Quince

[father, brave son of]

Featured Artist: Ellen Kombiyil

Mrityunjay Mohan


Mark Neely

Poem Ending at the Golden Hour

Sage Ravenwood


Hannah Rodabaugh

Historical Graffiti

Blue Cafe

Featured Artist: Yuko Kyutoku

Jacob Schepers

Triptych in Gendered Endings

Smitha Sehgal

Port of Spain

Dare Williams


Someone Saved My Life Tonight

Hiromi Yoshida

Mother of Icarus