Issue 12: Spring 2020

Welcome to Spring 2020 Our Editor In Chief discusses the noise level in her apartment, trees, and the special things about this issue, along with an announcement for folks submitting poetry, visual poetry, and art to us.

Featured Poet: Lucas Jacob talks to The Indianapolis Review about the difficulties of publishing in the poetry world, writing notes to himself, formalism (kind of), the best parks and bookstores in Indianapolis, and more!

The Wisdom of Hannah & Barbera


The Next Day

Calm to Chaos

Featured Artist: Hector René Del Campo

Joshua Aiken How should I stay

The creature takes

E. Kristin Anderson Full of Lead

Lauren Bender The Crime

Emma Bolden Worn Like Beige to Quiet

Coral Sunset

Featured Artist: Megan Jefferson

Samuel Clark Werewolf

Satya Dash Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Sean Thomas Dougherty The Year the Grandmothers Vanished

Angela Gabrielle Fabunan Catastrophes of Home

And so this is it

Featured Artist: Dan Kozar

Jennifer Givhan I Am Fat, & When You Read This Poem, You Will Be Too

torrin a. greathouse That’s So Lame

When My Gender is First Named Disorder

Amanda Hays Stop Motion Dancing

Nazifa Islam Everything Is Clear

The Swan

Featured Artist: Kelly Cressio-Moeller

Katie Kehoe Kikos

Charlie Brown Learns Quantum Theory

Joseph Landi Score

Echezonachukwu Nduka The Child

Ernest O. Ògúnyemí the unbottling of hunger

In the Storm of Roses

Featured Artist: Steven Tutino

Conor Scruton Morphology 6

Lindsey Warren Spore-hands

Ellie White Three Ways of Understanding Nature