Issue 19: Winter 2022

Special Feature: Altars of Writers and Artists

Brianna Pike, Rachel Sahaidachny, and Natalie Solmer

We’re featuring the spiritual and creative spaces of poets and artists throughout 2022. Read about this sacred practice from some of our own staff members in this issue. Email us information about your own altar/creative space for a chance to be featured (see submission guidelines).



Featured Artist: Meg Reynolds

Adrienne Crezo

we with our sparklers light the path,1 hemmed in2

H. E. Fisher

Yahrtzeit Prayer to be read from right to left


CD Eskilson

Finsta of Icarus in Drag

Geula Geurts

Kernels of Light

Benediction, p.1

Featured Artist: Anne McGrath

Sonia Greenfield

I hope this email finds you well!

Cynthia Marie Hoffman

This is How to Be Happy

Flourish Joshua

In That Crab Hole I Call My Father’s House

Ellen Kombiyil


Man arrested at airport after 35 birds intended for singing contests found in his clothing, officials say

Featured Artist: Kristin Emanuel

Wallace Lane

Jesus Drove a Honda

Sarah Fawn Montgomery


Lylanne Musselman

I Pass Over its Bridges

Ilari Pass

Fragments of a Dark Night

Bookshelf with Plague Doll & Candles

Featured Artist: Francesco Levato

Isaac Rankin

Men with Guns

Samantha Samakande

For My Love Two Weeks After Quitting Your Job

Stephanie Athena Valente


J. Villanueva


you made him feel

Featured Artist: Sydney Heifler

Lindsey Warren

St. Agnes

Marshall Woodward

texas rococo

Kenton K. Yee

Auguries of Avalanche

Amanda Auchter reviews Sandra Beasley’s Made to Explode