Issue 5: Summer 2018


Welcome and thank you for visiting The Indianapolis Review! Click here to read our Editor In Chief’s thoughts on The Indianapolis Review turning one year old, as well as her Summer Issue musings! Please continue to scroll down to find the individual profiles of the amazing artists whose artwork is displayed above: Rebecca Entrican, Gerburg Garmann, Courtney Kravig, Ana Prundaru, and Nicole Rico.



Featured Poet: Diane Seuss. Click here to read a wide ranging conversation with Seuss that touches on subjects such as growing up on the Michigan/Indiana state line, the third eye, and Seuss’s latest book, Still Life With Two Dead Peacocks and A Girl.


Featured Artist: Rebecca Entrican


Sara Anderson          Azrael                     



Surabhi Balachander  Pregnancy Dreams #1 (Redwoods)

                          Sri Venkateswara Swami Temple, Aurora, Illinois


Sally Burnette         portrait of birds in winter


Will Cordeiro           Ravening



Featured Artist: Gerburg Garmann


Curtis L. Crisler           T-Storm Ghazal                         

                                               Title in deed


Darren Demaree     EMILY AS THE PROOF DISAPPEARS           

                                          EMILY AS MOST NIGHTS


Juleen Eun Sun Johnson                Blood and Bones                

                                                                      Shakespeare Say


Julia Gari Weiss              Lava



Featured Artist: Courtney Kravig



David Joez Villaverde                     August as a Dying Star


Claire S. Lee                June


Frannie McMillan                  Marriage                                                   



Megan Merchant                  Anticipatory Grief



Featured Artist: A.P.



Bailey Merlin              Rule of Nines


Tracy Mishkin           Telling


A. Molotkov         How Things Fit (I)                                                    



Monica Rico

 I Didn’t Know Wearing A Dress Would Need Control



Featured Artist: Nicole Rico



Kirk Schlueter           THE TENNIS COURTS, AUGUST

                                         SELFIE WITH LIGHTNING STRIKE


Shourya Sen           I Shine My Shoes


Sneha Subramanian Kanta                       Prosaic Ode


Hannah Vanderhart                The Grammar of Habit                                         

                                                             Burr Crown