Issue 14: Fall 2020: The Visual Poetry Issue

Welcome to the Visual Poetry Issue! Click here for a video message from our Editor In Chief.

By Force

Sarah J. Sloat: Five Visual Poems

Sarah J. Sloat

Kelcey Parker Ervick interviews our Featured Poet-Artist, Sarah J. Sloat, and they discuss ALL things visual poetry. Click here to read their discussion about impostor syndrome, how many copies of Stephen King’s Misery Sloat went through in creating her book Hotel Almighty, and what exactly is the definition of Visual Poetry?

Review of Sarah J. Sloat’s book, Hotel Almighty, by Amanda Auchter

Spaceflight Sonata P.2

Naoko Fujimoto: Spaceflight Sonata P.2

These Trees Know Fire The Way My Body Knows Touch

Despy Boutris: Five Visual Poems

Bree Jo’ann: Natural Looks

Violin Concerto in E Minor, Opus 64

Esther Sun: Violin Concerto in E Minor, Opus 64

Don’t Complain

Carrie Albert: Three Art Boxes

Amor Fati

Benjamin Aleshire: Three Visual Poems

Meg Reynolds: Nine Poetry Comics

Would you like to dance?

L.I. Henley: Three Visual Poems

Alex Wells Shapiro: Five Visual Translations: Baseball Statistics

Can’t Sleep

David Dodd Lee: Five Visual Poems

I Am Worried About You

Douglas Piccinnini: Four Visual Poems

Ess McKee: Seven Visual Pieces


Karen George: Two Visual Poems

Owl Triptych

Nance Van Winckel: Three Visual Poems

howled self

O. Neace: Three Visual Poems

M@, aka Matthew Lane: Three Visual Poems

Vik Shirley: Four Poems on Polaroid

C. Christine Fair: A Manifesto: Lies We Learned in Sunday School

Ashwini Bhasi: Three Visual Poems

Donna J. Gelagotis Lee: Two Visual Poems


Kelly Cressio-Moeller: Four Visual Poems


Genoa Wilson: Orlando

For Virginia Woolf

Ania Spyra: Two Visual Poems


J.I. Kleinberg: Six Visual Poems

Scoot Swain and Abby Johnson: 16 Questions that Might Lead to Love

Nick Earhart: Four Poetry Comics


Anannya Uberoi: Symmetry

[a departure]

Youssef Mohamed: [a departure]