Issue 17: Summer 2021

Welcome to Summer 2021: It’s our fourth anniversary! A shout out to our staff, plus, pics from Adrian Matejka’s book launch for Somebody Else Sold The World.

Featured Poet Joyelle McSweeney talks to The Indianapolis Review about a legendary python corpse, oracles, omens, the decadence and decay of the rust belt, South Bend, Catholicism, and her latest book, Toxicon and Arachne. She also contributes a new poem:

from Point Break, a long poem about Keats


Featured Artist: Kelsey Zimmerman

Amanda Auchter Beautyberry

Stephanie Choi Bali Sonnet

Risë Kevalshar Collins pauli


Jose Hernandez Diaz Mirage

No Internet

Everything and Nothing 1

Featured Artist: Katy Wimhurst

Matthew Early After the Frat Party

Julia Edwards



Shakiba Hashemi Reconciliation

Romana Iorga Aegean Blue

Guadalupe in Ephesus

Featured Artist: Jacob Anthony Ramírez

Jacqueline Krass

What This Does to a Woman

John T. Leonard Vigil

Eric Loya I Rise into Dark Waters

Karen Mandell At Work

Featured Artist: M. P. Pratheesh

Cameron Morse In Room N

We ourselves are the big activity

Rikki Santer Much Morning

Brittney Scott A Carousel, but on Fire

Adam Tavel Motel Light

Collective Consciousness Filter

Featured Artist: Alexis Orgera

Taylor Thomas

You have underestimated me.

Sarah Yang Emetophobia

Jane Zwart Limited Magic