Issue 3: Winter 2018


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Allyson Horton

Featured Poet: Allyson Horton: Click here for Allyson’s thoughts on why “artists are the most liberated individuals of all cultures,” what sets her on fire and who inspires her (everyone from Nina Simone to Elizabeth Bishop to Lucille Clifton to Tupac), how Indianapolis creeps into her work and what songs would be on the mixtape for her forthcoming book. Our own Lydia Johnson gets all the answers in this new interview.


Alisha Yi    Mauve 1888

Emily Paige Wilson    Prompts

Elizabeth Kate Switaj     Forest for the Trees

Nina Sudhakar       These Nine Days

Fish Schooling. Courtney Carroll

Featured Artist: Courtney Carroll

Jessica Lynn Suchon        Oracle

Connor Simons            Too Much Rum Dream

Jessica Reed          Materialism, Exhibit 4: Hospital (1992)

Sneha Mohidekar         wormwood             lullaby

Star Clusters - Harshal Desai

Featured Artist: Harshal Desai

Jared Loper      John’s Dad

Nate Logan       Butter the Pan

Mingpei Li        Redshift

Rayon Lennon       In Grand Mountain, Jamaica

                                 Bolt                  Heaven Tree

Sleepwalker. Maria Lee

Featured Artist: Maria Lee

Susanna Lang      Until Then


Avra Elliott        The Ouija Board

Krista Cox        Hush, Child. Let the Forest do its Growing.

                           Prelude to the Wake

Flight. Susan Solomon

Featured Artist: Susan Solomon

Josh Brewer     when a calendar                   when she feigned appetite

Ace Boggess       What Have You Lost?

Trevor Kaiser Allred       Roads

Amber . Eniko

Featured Artist: Enikő Uzonyi