Exoskeletons strung by arachnid thread
that snags the spurs of ant legs
en route to the worm
dried beside the hydrangea
that bears the bumblebee’s girth
and pollen dusted from the plum tree
which homes the hummingbird
that hovers two feet in front of you, turns
its head to align an eye with yours
and instinct tells you
this is not your space


Leanne Dunic (she/her) is a biracial, bisexual woman who has spent her life navigating liminal spaces, inspiring her to produce trans-media projects such as To Love the Coming End (Book*hug/Chin Music Press 2017) and The Gift (Book*hug 2019). She is the fiction editor at Tahoma Literary Review, the fiction mentor at SFU’s The Writer’s Studio, and the leader of the band The Deep Cove. Her lyric memoir One and Half of You comes out with Talonbooks February 2021. 

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