They are re-paving the highway
in front of the Wal-mart as if
civilization will persist
another ten or fifteen years.

The rich have built their
bunkers and the working classes
have their guns. You can’t say
it won’t get interesting.

I, for one, feel stupid
about handing off this world
we’ve polluted and plundered
to our children.

Adults are piss-poor
practical jokers. The ice caps
are melting! Ha, ha!
There’s a continent of trash

Floating in the middle
of the Pacific! Tee hee.

The People of America are murderous
as ever! We’ve encouraged them

To show up to every public display
of expression, armed!

Steve Henn wrote Guilty Prayer (Main Street Rag 2021), Indiana Noble Sad Man of the Year (Wolfson 2017), and two previous collections from NYQ Books. In the aughts he was co-editor of a small press magazine called Fight These Bastards. A new chapbook is forthcoming from Main Street Rag in 2022, American Male, an exploration of masculinity without machismo.

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