Digital World

You can’t Control+Alt+Delete yourself in the physical world
Or is the digital world becoming the physical world?
Robots mimicking our characteristics
Simulated realities, virtual fantasies
One hunk of junk connecting us to the globe
It is said to be a burden
It is said to be worth it
It is said to be a circuit
It is said to be a circus
What can technology offer that we cannot offer ourselves?
We will digitalize ourselves to the caves we once dwelled
All that is technological will be human
And all that is human will be technological
Avoiding dusty roads patrolled by AI’s
Adhering to mechanized police forces with self-driven cars
Being taught by screens instead of beings





Daniel Brooks has lived in the city of Indianapolis since the age of 7. He was born in Bloomington, Indiana to two Indiana University students. He graduated from Indiana University Purdue University in 2015 with a BA in Anthropology. He has since been a community organizer for Citizen’s Action Coalition. In 2016, he became a teacher’s assistant for a local charter school and is now a special education teacher.





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