Drowning of a feather

The feather wind.
Hard enough fighting gravity
to be caught by water,
binding colour and barb.
Little boat of oblivion.
I am soaked in life,
scotched tight by the life giving,
thinking this plash
is the start of my ocean,
the streetlight silent,
the burnt wings on the serpent.





Christopher Hopkins is a Welsh poet who currently resides in the Canterbury area of Kent, UK with his wife and daughter. His debut chapbook ‘Take Your Journeys Home’ (Clare Songbirds Publishing House) has been nominated for the IPPY book award for poetry and two Pushcart Prize nominations. His second chapbook ‘The Last Time We Saw Strangers’ is due out in summer 2018. He has been widely published including The Morning Star Tilde, Backlash Press, Riggwelter Press, The Paragon Journal, Ink Sweat & Tears, The Blue Nib Magazine. Check out Chris’s website here.




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