Featured Artist: Anne Harrington Hughes

Notes From the Dogwood
relief print, graphite transfer, thread, 4×6″

Finding Milkweed
relief print, 4×6″

In the Shade of the Redbud
relief print, 6×8″

Morning With the Geranium
relief print, photocopy transfer 4×6″

Grass Portraits
relief prints, 12×12″ overall

Artist Statement

I live in a small city called Hamtramck, which is within the city of Detroit. I am always scanning my surroundings, searching for something while walking.  Lately, that something has been for small glimpses of beauty in a town of buildings and cement. My tiny backyard in Hamtramck was where I started making prints of plants. I inked the plants with a brayer, laid paper over the top, and rolled over it with a clean brayer.  I started with a gardenia, then a geranium, ivy, rue, and redbud. I was fascinated by how the plant asserted its presence so strongly in printed form. Each printed image was very unique, like a portrait of the leaf. I want the viewer of my pieces to take a close look, to slow down, to recognize the originality of each print, and to consider the remarkable details in nature that are present even in urban environments. 

Anne Harrington Hughes is from Holland, Michigan. She has lived and studied in England, Japan, Tennessee, Washington, D.C., New Orleans, New York City and Detroit. She moved to Detroit in 1995 where she completed a Master of Fine Arts in 1998 at Wayne State University. After graduating, Hughes taught art courses at Wayne State University and College for Creative Studies. From 2010 to 2020, she and her husband, Steve Hughes were co founders and curators of Public Pool, an art space in Hamtramck.  Hughes has shown her work nationally and internationally in galleries and museums including detroit contemporary,  The Scarab Club, Frederick Meijer Sculpture Gardens,  Urban Institute of Contemporary Art, Grand Rapids, and Art Cite in Windsor, Canada. Hughes keeps a studio in the Pioneer Building in Detroit. She lives with her family in Hamtramck, Michigan, a 2.5 square-mile city within Detroit. 

Instagram: annehhughes.studio

website link:https://www.detroitcontemporary.com/anne-harrington-hughes

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