Featured Artist: Bella LaMontagne


Boy on the Beach

Girl by a Wall



Artist Statement: I find my artistic strengths in lost, discarded, old, and forgotten things. Magazines and unfinished puzzle pages, chocolate wrappers, old calendars to name a few. Much of my recent work has been created on packages of unused postcards that were given to me a few years ago. I was inspired to create visual messages where words almost always fail me. Without the forgotten objects in our world, I would have no canvas, no color, or story to tell. For my work there can be no composition without the challenge of making the original forever memorable. 

Bella LaMontagne is a mixed media artist based in Shelburne Falls Massachusetts. Her work has been a part of the LAVA arts center and the Virtual Hosmer Gallery in Western Massachusetts. More of her work can be found via instagram. https://www.instagram.com/bella_lamontagne_/

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