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Brittany Fukushima is an interdisciplinary artist specializing in printmaking and digital media and an incoming senior at Herron School of Art and Design. Their current body of work reflects their interest in the simultaneous domestication of humanity and plant life and the intricacies of the partnership that resulted. They corresponded with The Indianapolis Review for a short interview:

1. When did you know you were an artist? What made you decide to pursue your art seriously?
I used to think it was the only thing I was good at, but now I think it’s the only thing worth doing.


2. What artists influence and inspire you?
Recently, I’ve been looking at Miguel Laino, Anthony Cudhay, and browsing booooooom.com. My drawing style is definitely borrowed from anime/manga culture, but my conceptual influence tends to stem from text. Kenzaburo Oe has probably inspired me most. 
3. What do you feel the role of art is in people’s lives? Why is it important?
Art can inform all areas of life; it forces introspection. We can use it as a tool to examine ourselves, our spaces, and our relationships. It’s a mode of communication that speaks directly to the human condition. 
4. What do you love about Indianapolis? What are you favorite places or things to do here?
I’ve got a complicated relationship with this city. I like that despite being a metropolitan area, there are tons of green spaces to explore. That said, I typically spend more time outside of those green spaces. I enjoy going to different art spots on First Friday and catching shows.