Featured Artist: charles i letbetter

Original CIL design. Model: Kwani. Makeup: Katherine Franson




Original CIL design. Model: Victoria. MUA: Katherine Franson




Original CIL design. Model: Sammi. MUA: Katherine Franson




Original CIL design. Model: Kia. MUS: Katherine Franson







Brown Paper Packaging Model: Antesha Prosse MUA: Katherine Franson




Artist statement:
The fashion perspective of designer Rick Owens is at times controversial and frequently misunderstood but always provocative. Mr. Owens sense of challenging his audience to think about their wardrobe and one’s definitions of beauty inspired mr. letbetter’s project: Brown Paper Packages. Utilizing large rolls of brown wrapping paper, charles created and photographed original styles then carefully superimposed each image on itself. The result is a set of startling images that challenge not only our concepts of fashion but the very way in which we view fashion imagery.​



charles i. letbetter is a professional photographer with over 30 years experience that has taken him all over the globe. Based in Indianapolis since 2005, mr. letbetter constantly continues to refine his style and update his vision as to what photography can and should be. charles’ work is heavily influenced by current fashion trends especially as they relate to rethinking how and why clothes are worn in the manners currently on trend. More his photography can be seen on his website at https://charlesiletbetter.com while charles’ fashion reviews can be seen at http://www.patternindy.com.