Featured Artist: Chase Cannon

The following pieces make up a short story which should be read from the top of the page to the bottom:

After graduating high school in Indiana, Chase Cannon moved to France in 2016 and started taking classes at Parsons The New School in Paris as she began to build a professional art portfolio. During this time, she had the opportunity to perform in her professor’s performance art piece at the Nuit Blanche art festival. She returned to Indiana in December of 2017 and focussed on gaining experience and participating in exhibitions. From July-August 2018, she worked a five week long Artist Residency in New Orleans, Louisiana. It resulted in a solo show, for which Chase examined the prostitutes of the red light district during the birth of Jazz. 

Chase Cannon’s Website: https://www.chasecannonart.com/

Chase Cannon’s IG : @chasecannonart

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