Featured Artist: Courtney Carroll

Holcomb Tower


Storm Surge




Fish Schooling



Artist Statement:

I paint contemporary landscapes inspired by the world around me.

Violent storms, wind, melting ice, post-nuclear deserts are common themes. I use luminous brushstrokes to suggest idyllic beauty in nature, while depicting hints of environmental change. I am inspired by landscape painting techniques used by the Romanticists painters of the 19th century and the Impressionists. These artists were working during a cultural shift from agrarianism to urbanism. I feel personally connected to these artists at that particular point in history because of the similar cultural shifts happening in industry and the world at large today.

Courtney lives and works in South Bend, IN as an artist and social worker. She received her Bachelor’s in Art from University of Hawaii at Hilo in 2008, where living off-grid for five years influenced her artwork and worldview. She is a Midwesterner at heart and enjoys raising her daughter near where she grew up. She hopes to use her art to work with other artists in community activism. Her work has been displayed in local venues, featured in The New Social Worker magazine, and in Twyckenham Notes online poetry journal.

Courtney is based out of the South Bend, IN area. https://www.courtneycarrollart.com/


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