Featured Artist: Daniel Lehan

“I’m Trying To Learn The Words” Sunday 7 June 1970

“I Hate” Tuesday 16 January 1968

“Yesterday Morning” Monday 6 November 1967

Artist Statement:

CHILDHOOD DIARY PAGES is an ongoing series, which currently comprises over a hundred and twenty five collages.

Each collage records a real event from my childhood, growing up in Margate, Kent, UK, during the sixties and seventies.

The only entry which I do not recall, but was told about, was the day I was born in Nigeria.

Of course the EXACT day, possibly month of each collage is not exact – mainly it came down to thinking if the day was, say, a school day, a Saturday or Sunday, or during a holiday, and thinking of the weather to help determine the month. 

I’m pretty sure the year is correct. 

This is the first time any of the CHILDHOOD DIARY PAGES have been published.

The texts and images are all cut from books and magazines ( many from the sixties and seventies ) sourced from secondhand and charity shops.

Daniel Lehan has lived in New York, Florence, Finland, and Quebec, and now lives in Dungeness, on the south coast of England, facing France. His visual and collaged poetry has appeared in print and online magazines, and his text – Book Pages Destroyed By Typewriter – is included in The New Concrete, Visual Poetry in the 21st Century, published by Hayward Publishing, 2015.

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