Featured Artist: Enikő Uzonyi

Enikő: 36×60, acrylic


Angelica: 24×36, acrylic with mirror pieces


Amber  24×36, acrylic with mirror pieces


Brittany 24×36, acrylic with mirror pieces


Ashley  24×36, acrylic with mirror pieces


Enikő Uzonyi (1992) grew up in Debrecen, Hungary, where she continues to live and work. She graduated from the Medgyessy Ferenc high school in Debrecen, specializing in the art. She has held more than 5 of her own exhibitions in the past one decade. She studied the natural forms of the world of fractals. It inspired the birth of abstract paintings, among others.


Artist Statement:
The arts have always influenced my life. Because I can express myself easily with the variety of artistic skills, thereby I try to help others.
I have exceptional ability to envision and coordinate colors and I’m capable of painting with sprayer or brushes as well as adding texture to surfaces.
During my studies of arts not only painting, but I also dealt with fabric, therefore I can unfold my creativity and my sense of style. The beauty, elegance and good taste means a lot to me.