Beauty Queen     mixed media work on paper (variations of oils, acrylics, and ink) 

The Artist as Vase     mixed media work on paper (variations of oils, acrylics, and ink)

Alone In The Snow   mixed media work on paper (variations of oils, acrylics, and ink)

Amor para mi madonna 

mixed media work on paper (variations of oils, acrylics, and ink)

Carnival of the Mind   

mixed media work on paper (variations of oils, acrylics, and ink)


An Interview with Ernest Williamson III
By-Natalie Solmer

NS: How long have you been creating visual art? What sparked your interest in it?

EW: I began painting seriously at nineteen; the glorious works of the old masters inspired me to develop my own artistic vision. Notable works by Raphael, El Greco, Da Vinci, and Michelangelo had a profound impact on my desire to take up painting.

NS: When you begin a piece, is there any specific inspiration for it? Do you see a specific vision in your head of what you want to paint, or do you begin not knowing at all what the piece is going to look like?

EW: Once I sit down at my desk and decide to create, the drawing or painting creates itself; I do not visualize anything at any time.

NS: Because you are prolific in both poetry and visual art, what are some differences that you notice in the creative processes between the two? Do you have a preference for either? Which one do you spend more time on?

EW: I listen to Gregorian chants when I write poetry, and Old School R&B sets the mood for me when I paint. Relaxation and intent are vital ingredients in all my creative undertakings. I equally enjoy writing and painting; however, I spend more time creating visual art.


Photo of Dr. Williamson(3)     Dr. Ernest Williamson III has published creative work in over 600 journals. He has published poetry in over 200 journals, including The Oklahoma Review, The Roanoke Review, Pamplemousse, formerly known as The Gihon River Review, Westview: A Journal of Western Oklahoma , I-70 Review, and Pinyon Review. Some of his visual artwork has appeared in journals such as Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art, The William & Mary Review, New England Review, The Tulane Review and The Wisconsin Review. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor of English at Allen University.


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