Featured Artist: Lauren Ullrich

Indiana Repertory Theatre
Watercolor and ink




Venice Canal
Watercolor and ink



Blue Doors Venice 
Watercolor and ink



Swallow’s Nest
Woodcut Print





Venice at Night
Woodcut print





Artist Statement


I have spent most of my life traveling and have come to enjoy learning about different cultures and ways of life. In my art I try to capture buildings and landmarks of some of my favorite places in an attempt to keep those memories alive. I also try to depict places I dream of visiting to either inspire me to plan a trip or simply appreciate from a distance a place I may never see. Not everyone has the time or funds to travel so through my art I want to show the beautiful variety of architecture around world.


Artist Biography

Lauren Ullrich is a part-time artist currently residing in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her artwork encompasses a variety of mediums including watercolor, acrylic, oil, woodcuts, screen prints, pencil or pen sketches, and some graphic design.  Growing up in Bulgaria, Lauren traveled frequently around Europe, which cultivated her love and appreciation for traveling and learning about different cultures. The majority of her artwork depicts architecture in Europe but she has created several still life and landscape pieces as well. Although mostly a self-taught artist, Lauren pursued a minor in studio art at Taylor University, where she encountered several teachers who recognized her potential, taught her new perspectives, and inspired her to explore different techniques. It was in school where Lauren learned the process of woodcut prints, which became a new area of interest and passion that she is still cultivating. In many of her recent paintings, Lauren explores the combination of ink and watercolor, capturing the details and definition of popular European landmarks or common street scenes. She has created several commissioned pieces and her art has also been selected for display in several coffee shops throughout Indianapolis, a local group exhibition, as well as numerous private art collections throughout the United States and Europe.




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