Featured Artist: M.P. Pratheesh


This is a reflection on  language. All  human activities- thoughts, imagination and language itself –  form what we call Culture. Everything else is the Nature. I believe in  a language  rooted in  the   blood and sweat of human body, culture and that  of the Earth. This object poem seeks to gather  traces of the alphabets of another language.  A language that springs from  both Nature and Culture. A language learned from within ourselves.

Soil Alphabets // object poem/ M P Pratheesh/2020/
cotton fabric, conch shell, soil, leaves, twigs, broken  terracotta, stones//.


M.P. Pratheesh (born 1987)is a poet and photographer . He has published six collections of poetry  in Malayalam language.  His poems/ images have been appeared in kavyabharati, The bombay Review, Keralakavitha, Guftugu, Indian Literature and elsewhere. He currently lives and works in a village close to the western-ghats in kerala, a southern state of India//

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