Featured Artist: Nasreen Khan

And your name shall be Israel        5 ft x 3.5 ft


Oil paint and chalk pastel on canvas.


Artist’s Statement: This was a commission piece for a woman who had recently become a single mother in a traumatic and unplanned way. She had named her newborn son Israel with the biblical story in mind where Jacob wrestles an angel of God and wins so is renamed Israel. The subject symbolized her wrestling with her own internal demons during her pregnancy and early motherhood.




Self portrait upon leaving Asia


Digital photography


Artist’s Statement: I took this picture in the corner dorm room I had occupied throughout my high school years at an Indonesian boarding school. I was preparing to move to the United States on my own at 17. I had no money and no resources but I felt lucky that I had a strong body that enclosed a strong will. The photograph was a celebration of myself. In the years that followed immigrating to the United States as I slogged through racism, bias and poverty I often looked back at that joyous photograph to remind myself of the person I know I am.



The Fly                      11″ x 7″


alchohol inks on canvas board


Artist’s Statement: The particular iridescent green of the common housefly has always fascinated me. When I look at flies, I walk a line between complete revulsion and horror at the contagion carried by flies and envy for their delicate bodies and coloring.



indelible in the hippocampus


Nasreen grew up in West Africa and Indonesia and is new to Indianapolis by way of New York City.  She  teaches college English for a living, and writes poetry to stay sane.  On a Friday night she can be found cooking various organ meats or chasing down a stellar mint julep.