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Reflecting clearly into the Earth and into the planets




Nicole Rico’s work encompasses the dream realm and its entanglement with The Other. Many ancient religions saw dreams as a way to communicate with the dead and beings from separate realities. Dreaming was an awakening, a higher state of consciousness from everyday life.

In dreams we are able to transcend space and time, though we are not in control of the narrative. The Other is everything experienced through the five senses in the dream state. It is part of a secondary consciousness that is attached to us throughout our lives and remains entangled and observant.

Nicole Rico’s work is about connecting to The Other through dreams, losing consciousness of the Self and tapping into the collective subconscious. It explores the non-existent memories that reside within our brains – the otherworldly beings and places inhabiting our dreams that have never occurred in the waking world. Nicole’s photos represent dreams as a doorway to another realm, a nightly gateway to the wellspring of the Universe.  Nicole’s website and email:





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