Featured Artist: Radie Steiner

Cottage Home

You Are Beautiful


Dancing Girl

 Indy At Dawn

Bankers Life



Standing Tall

Standing Alone

Artist Statement:

Have you ever experienced a pleasant smell and it reminded you of something or someone?  The smell of cherry reminds me of the pipe my Grandfather smoked when I was a child.  Whenever I see a Cardinal it reminds me of my Grandmother which was her favorite bird.  We also use our senses to view/explore art.  My photos invite the viewer to imagine the smell of the flower, the taste of the bourbon, the sensation of rain drops and the sound of engines starting at the Indy 500.  Art is a passage way to another time or place.  So come and explore with me on your own personal journey through my art. 


photo by Adeline Burton

Radie L. Steiner grew up in Columbus, Indiana and started Photography at the age of 10 in 4-H.  Her 10-year pursuit of Photography assisted in titling her 4-H Girl of The Year.   Her photography has been published in Rand McNally Atlas, in Whiskey Advocate Magazine, chosen by Hotel Indigo in Columbus, Indiana to don a 16 by 20 foot photo on the side of their hotel, and chosen as one of the 2019 Indiana Women Artists of the Year – the photo from that competition currently hangs in the Indiana Statehouse.  She was also juried in Indiana Artisans as 1 of 9 Artists selected in 2019. 

She specializes in Landscape and Lifestyle Photography.  Radie is known for Landscape photography often altering to black and white and abstract views of common items by use of angles and lighting, such as taking a direct shot into a sunbeam.  She also uses the color splash technique- turning the photo to a black and white and then highlighting a specific area and restoring its original color.  Radie uses intuition to guide her into the subject matter of the day and often has the reoccurring strong thought- that would make a great picture. Her favorite photographer is Ansel Adams. 

Radie has said “Photography is my passion and truly makes me happy.  I hope my Photography can do the same for others.  And I strive to surround myself with people and things that make me truly happy every day” 

Her mottos -Beauty is everywhere take a moment and capture it.   Art makes people happy. 

Her greatest Art accomplishment – meeting her husband via their IG Art accounts.  He is an abstract painter and was living in New Jersey and she here in Indiana.  They followed each other for 2 years with no personal photos – only photos of their art.  They connected in 2017, merged into Steiner Studios and their journey continues. 

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