Featured Artist: Sarah-Jane Crowson

The Librarian

In The Age of Charles I

Sex and Success

Greetings from the night cathdral


’The Age of Charles I’ and ‘Librarian’ use found text and images from a 1972 Tate Gallery catalogue, re-inventing the traditional text and way of presenting paintings in the catalogue. ‘Greetings from the night cathedral’ uses found postcards as a source. ‘Sex and Success’ takes images and text from three found random objects from a junk shop. 

Artist Statement:

Sarah-Jane’s work is inspired by fairytales, nature, psychogeography and surrealism. She uses bricolage to explore the space between real and imagined; creating alternative narratives as small acts of resistance. Working with a mixture of analogue and digital techniques, she works with found ephemera, found text and out of copyright images, juxtaposing them to transform their original meanings.

Sarah-Jane Crowson  is an educator at Hereford College of Arts, and a postgraduate researcher at Birmingham City University, investigating ideas of the ‘critical radical rural’. Her work can be seen in various journals, including Rattle, Waxwing Literary Journal, Petrichor, Sugar House Review and Iron Horse Literary Review. You can find her on Twitter @Sarahjfc or on her website at www.sarahjanecrowson.art

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