Have you renewed your poetic license yet?

(found poem)

Mine was revoked for reckless swiving and exhibitionism of speed.

I’m a stray.

I’d love to see the office where one gets it renewed. Booze! Parties you could hardly dream of! Etc.

Prof., I’m always in the frame. Reading you often is renewal!

I can’t stand waiting in line at the Department of Poetry.

That’s why they insert all the line breaks.

Do we get points for enjambment?


Once you pass age 70, you get a lifetime license.

They got me for drunk rhyming.

I bought the Forever version.

Got a lotta fines to pay off first . . .

Too many yawping tickets.

Never applied.

I was just reading about Noémi Lefebvre’s book The Poetics of Work.

Couldn’t stand still for the mugshot.

I have three points left on my license because I can’t stay in my lane.

No, but I need to immediately. Can I do it online?

And my passport.

I forged mine.

I’m using a temporary paper one…

Yeah but here’s the thing. My tenor’s on vacation but my vehicle is working overtime.

Shira Dentz is the author of five books including SISYPHUSINA (PANK, 2020), winner of the Eugene Paul Nassar Prize 2021, and two chapbooks. Her writing appears in many venues including Poetry, American Poetry Review, Cincinnati Review, Iowa Review, New American WritingBrooklyn Rail, Poets.org, and NPR, and she’s a recipient of awards from the Academy of American Poets and Poetry Society of America. More at www.shiradentz.com

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