Hector Del Campo: Artist Profile

Concrete Jungle- 

42×26      9-16        latex, spray & enamel paints with sharpie on canvas

Free Formed

10×8   1-17  spray & latex paints with sharpie on canvas

La Luna-

12in. circular canvas  4-17    spray & latex paints on canvas

Altered Rainbows 2-

20×16    11-16  latex & enamel paints on canvas


13.25×16    5-16     latex, spray & enamel paints with sharpie on paper on wood

Born in Tampa, Florida, Hector Del Campo received his MFA in 2004 at the University of South Florida in Tampa and BFA at the Herron School of Art & Design in Indiana.  A first generation Cuban-American, Hector has exhibited extensively and taught across the country and has been faculty for over six years at Ivy Tech Community College in Indianapolis, Indiana.

www.hectordelcampo.com website

Instagram: cubanbe1

A Short Interview With Hector Del Campo-

1. When did you know you were an artist? What made you decide to pursue your art seriously?
 I have felt a calling since I was a child. I began with drawing, cartoons and comic book characters. I soon moved into coloring and later, painting. I enjoyed the challenge of pushing myself to get better at painting and drawing: looking internally as a way to reflect ones culture, being a first generation Cuban American.
2. What artists influence and inspire you?
Artists who influence me: Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Donald Judd, Joan Mitchell, Josef Albert, Francis Bacon, Moholy-Nagy and Pat Steir
3. What do you feel the role of art is in people’s lives? Why is it important?
The role of art has limitless reflections in people’s lives, from the community on the world/society around them, a type of therapy, an internal motivation or just the simply joy of creating and sharing.
4. What do you love about Indianapolis? What are you favorite places or things to do here?
 I love to see the growth of cultural understanding in Indianapolis. I enjoy my neighborhood, SoBro, seeing the growth and willingness to take a risk for ones passions and the further reincarnation of abandoned spaces.