>cast a spell on 56k dialup
>start>open program
>real ruby blues
>>dynamite diamonds
>>>pathway clear>enter

>i kissed more girls than boys their hips
>>are beautiful
>i want to wear iridescent wings
>>and burn wood>be free

>daydreaming is more than sport
>i’m in love with an aim message
>no, really
>>love it text and emoticons
>>am i the computer or is the computer me?

>are all humans like this?
>soft, blue-purple veins under skin?
>scamming up ways to never work

>i’m human but i’m not sure what that feels like
>if i wrote my own program i’d change the ending
>a woman in glasses spells revenge
>>i want revenge in red lipstick

>if i’m hurt
>i envision black water spilling
>out of your mouth
>it’s endless
>the program overrides
>unable to load>illegal operation
>lung capacity depleted
>>dull rubies
>>>all web cams are witches>screenshot me

>no one is supposed to be here
>log out>forget

Stephanie Athena Valente lives in Brooklyn, NY. Her published works include Hotel Ghost, waiting for the end of the world, Little Fang, and Spell Work (Bottlecap Press & Giallo). She has writing featured in Witch Craft Magazine, Maudlin House, and Hobart. She is the associate editor at Yes, Poetry. Sometimes, she feels human. stephanievalente.com Her latest book, Internet Girlfriend, is forthcoming from Clash Books. Preorder here.

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