Icarus | Epicanthus

Black hair filament
hovering before my right eye—
DNA strand twisting a
tangled tango; blink, and un-
lock that algorithmic
dance; blink again, and chase
away that pesky black speck—
like burnt Icarus drifting,
hanging on the epicanthic edge
of my eyelid; shifting vitreous

HIROMI YOSHIDA is the author of three poetry chapbooks, Icarus BurningEpicanthus, and Icarus Redux. Her work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, Best of the Net, the Wilder Poetry Book Prize, the New Women’s Voices Poetry Prize, and the Gerald Cable Book Award. She is the diversity consultant for the Writers Guild at Bloomington; a poetry instructor at the Indiana Writers Center; and a poetry reader for Flying Island Journal and Plath Profiles

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