Introductory Statement by Art Editor Nasreen Khan

Dear readers and contributors,

Hey there. I’m Nasreen and I’m pleased to be the new art editor at The Indianapolis Review. Even though I make visual art these days, I started as a words person–I taught college English and was an active poetry writer and performer, so curating art for a publication like this that has focused on poetry and visual art is a really natural fit.

My own art is rooted in themes of womanism and Earth-based spirituality. I work primarily in wood, creating my images with pyrography (wood burning) and then overlaying them with oil paints. My goal with my own art is that no viewer comes away indifferent. I like sensation–I am a hiker, foodie, extreme night owl, hopeless romantic, gardener of bright-colored flowers and I want my art to produce feeling in its viewers.

I have some big goals for the future of art in the Indianapolis Review. I want to give artists the opportunity to share the way they experience their own work and the ways in which what they create are extensions of their lived experiences. Art is a collective record of our lives together here on this planet, a way to bear witness to the various griefs and ecstasies that make up the human experience. My goal is to curate a space that allows creatives another forum to delve into that witness in an unconstrained way.

Nasreen Khan
Art Editor
The Indianapolis Review

Indianapolis, Aug. 2023

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