Jazz Drums

Dizzy Gillespie stares mockingly while books gaze amazed at my dumbfounded guilt.

The words on the tip of my pencil dance, off my brain, on the page, like two loves, triple time.

The physical act of writing is gorgeous.

Pink and gray people look for a living. They hate every second of it but don’t rest their eyes.

Deflated bees and chirpy roses have a few things in common; the most notable is their knack to gossip about God’s dietary plan.

Listen to the drums!

Push past past pushed perceptions promulgated practically pedantically.

People are gonna think you’re eating sunflowers!

Armando Flores Montenegro is a writer from Colorado. He is a 3rd year undergraduate studying Music with a concentration in Jazz Studies from Columbia University as a Questbridge scholar. He loves hiking, playing the piano, and losing things.

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