M@, aka Matthew Lane: Three Visual Poems

Artist Statement:
My visual and conceptual poetry, and these pieces in particular, are inspired by the work of the poets bpNichol, Aram Saroyan, and Orlando White. I also wish to thank the Greek letter μ (Mu) and the old Cyrillic glyph ꙮ (Multiocular O) for lending a hand to these English-based visual poems.

M@, aka Matthew Lane, is a graduate student at the University of Missouri-St. Louis working towards a Master of Arts in English. He formerly taught high school English, but now works for St. Louis Community College. His work has been featured previously in The Atticus Review-Transit Issue and Saint Louis University’s literary magazine Kiln. He lives in St. Charles, Missouri. His future goal is to become a rare books librarian or a speech pathologist or both; he hasn’t decided yet.

M@ enjoys writing visual, conceptual, and experimental poetry that plays with form, typography, puns, semantics, and wordplay in general.

His writing website is https://matthewlanewriter.wordpress.com/.

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