on teenage dreams

mine: to be a nun   walking medievally through   strip malls and convenience stores   turning
heads with the black   cascade   drowning   my figure as i browse   tampons   oatmeal   poking a
hand out my rosaceous layers   blackest endless primordial to grip a bright   modern basket   to
be for secular eyes a story   a crepuscular splash against   the sinews   of corridored stones
ringing   with gossamer   breaths   sister chants   tingling for god   brains saturated only   with
holy thoughts genitalia   lily-empty   of flesh-husbands or births   to be perfection   in all hours
and layers of our   spectral flow because   i was that   fucking afraid   of being too ordinary

Emma Moser

Emma Moser holds an MFA in Fiction from Southern Connecticut State University. Born and raised in New England, she has become an avid nomad in her adult life, and currently resides in Hawaii as she pursues a career in librarianship. Her multi-genre work has appeared in River River, Prairie Margins, and Thin Air Magazine, among others.

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