Palm Beach State College Stairwell is How I Heard this Song

It was a dark time in my life: I was between phone plans and Linda refused to take my cilantro allergy seriously. It was all I could do to tear down the Xerox fliers pairing me with the thing in the art department basement. I’d end each day by counting my real friends on one foot, but my toes were only so long. Thankfully, weeks later, the whole thing blew over. Attention had the shelf life of deli turkey in this town. I was thinking about this when I tripped and fell down the stairs. Someone kneeled beside me and took off their headphones. Something muffled, yet beautiful, meandered in my ears—there were trumpets? I think there were trumpets.

Nate Logan is the author of Inside the Golden Days of Missing You (Magic Helicopter Press, 2019). He’s editor and publisher of Spooky Girlfriend Press and teaches at Marian University.

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