Quiet at Breakfast

What direction the wind is, is wet,
whether to walk in. Bereft
of vitamin D. I stand accused of just
wanting to go out—so what if it’s
cold and rainy, I am also to blame
for being quiet at breakfast.
Walking out of one too many movies.
Tom Bull’s widow indulges in day-
dreams of apocalypse. America
treats itself to freedom, an extra helping
of loneliness. Eliot’s March to April cold rain
cringes. I cross the bleak parking lot.
Looking for a drop box, a safe distance. If,
and, or but. Beholden to no one.

Cameron Morse
Cameron and and Gigi (Genevieve Olive Morse, a.k.a., “final daughter”) in the exam room for a bimonthly checkup. 

Cameron Morse is Senior Reviews editor at Harbor Review and the author of eight collections of poetry. His first collection, Fall Risk, won Glass Lyre Press’s 2018 Best Book Award. His latest is The Thing Is (Briar Creek Press, 2021). He holds an MFA from the University of Kansas City-Missouri and lives in Independence, Missouri, with his wife Lili and (soon, three) children. For more information, check out his Facebook page or website.    

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