Rage Spiral

I.             covet
People with fathers both loved and living

II.           wrench
Blue from ocean, pour into being

III.         silk
Spun hard, spun fast – rise briefly from the dead

IV.         carve
Intricate patterns upon me, grief, you termite of the soul

V.            futile
Howls ricochet off the void: you are forsaken

Fatima Malik (she/her) is a fundraiser and poet with work published or forthcoming in Breakwater ReviewDEAR Poetry JournalThe Marginssidereal magazineWhale Road Review, and others. She is currently working on her first full-length collection of poems, an excavation of grief after her father’s sudden death. She has a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from Dartmouth College and a joint MA in Journalism and Near Eastern Studies from New York University. While she currently lives in New York City, her heart is forever in Lahore.

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