Sarah J. Sloat: Five Visual Poems

This Book Is For You

A Book Among Books

By Cyanide

By Every Choice

By Force

By Cyanide, By Every Choice and By Force are part of a series of visual poems that explore the concept of agency. The pieces are made with book and magazine clippings, confetti, a library card and text from various sources.

This Book Is For You is made from book and magazine clippings, adhesive backing, colored pencil, transparent colored paper, a vintage envelope and a game token.

To make A Book Among Books I used book and magazine clippings, wrapping paper, an advertising flyer and old paper.

Sarah J. Sloat splits her time between Frankfurt and Barcelona, where she works as a news editor. Her book of visual poetry, Hotel Almighty, is due from Sarabande Books in the fall of 2020. You can keep up with her at

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