Alternately, Self-Portrait on a Wednesday Night.
Alternately, This Keeps Me from Engaging
with a Friend Who Continually Disappoints Me.
Alternately, I Hardly Leave My Basement.
Alternately, The Soft Forest of Carpet
Beneath My Bare Feet Will Suffice as Refuge.
Alternately, If I Could Shrink Myself and Wander
Its Great Fibrous Oaks, I Might Never Regret Solitude.
Alternately, Self-Portrait With Thunder In My Bones.
Alternately, I Got into an Argument Over Drowning,
and Whether a Drowning Man’s Twitch Might
Be Misconstrued as Dancing, to Which I Replied
Clearly You’ve Never Seen Dancing, to Which
She Replied, Clearly You’ve Never Seen a Man Drown,
to Which I Replied, I Have and I’m Him Now.



Ross White is the author of two chapbooks, How We Came Upon the Colony (Unicorn Press, 2014) and The Polite Society (Unicorn Press, 2017). His poems have appeared in American Poetry Review, New England Review, Poetry Daily, Tin House, and The Southern Review, among others. His manuscript in progress, Guilt Ledger, was selected by Edward Hirsch to receive the 2016 Larry Levis Post-Graduate Stipend from Warren Wilson College. He teaches creative writing at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.







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