I‘m a keeper of sheep. 
                                    My sheep are my thoughts
                                    And each thought a sensation.
                                   -Fernando Pessoa


resurrecting flocks,
our sacrifices require
alters in each room.

                                                      in each of our un-
                                                      pronounceable bleatings, lambs
                                                      blue and ballistic.

here one black lamb or
shrinking violet— one tender,
one small, woolen sin.

                                                     shepherdess, do you
                                                     also sometimes gently peel
                                                     the lamb’s mouth away?

this morning you flocked
the high fat of pine seed white,
let the valley beg.


                                                          lamb down escarpment
                                                          religious texts undress girlish
                                                          unkindly descend.

descending kindly,
unkind, a psalm puts on a
green hill-shirt again.

                                                          when a meadow un-
                                                          learns her grass, revelation:
                                                          make slow love to me.

phlox and dog fennel
seed sing cold, sing caldera:
make fast love to me.




Laura Page is a poet and artist from the Pacific Northwest. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Rust + Moth, Crab Creek Review, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, The Rumpus, TINGE, and The Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review, among others. Her chapbook, “epithalamium” was selected by Darren C. Demarree as the winner of Sundress Publications 2017 chapbook contest and is forthcoming. Laura is editor in chief of Virga Magazine.



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